LGBT+ in Shojo and Joseimuke Media🏳️‍🌈

With pride month here (and my queerness feeling a bit more upfront recently), I figured I would do a post about female oriented “otaku” media with GRSM (gender, romantic, and sexual minorities) characters. I will link to where you can find them all, but this will be US-centered. If any readers from other countries want to drop links to where they can be bought in their own, that would be much appreciated and I will add them and give you credit for the link.

The Rose of Versailles

Along with the protagonist, Oscar, having a rather confusing gender identity that can pretty much be interpreted in any way (I personally view her as bigender), Rose of Versailles also features Rosalie who is canonically bisexual.

The anime is sadly no longer licensed in the US, but the manga is licensed by Udon Entertainment, though they haven’t released it yet (even though they’ve had the license for nearly five years…)


I have yet to read this manga, but as it has the same creator as The Rose of Versailles, Riyoko Ikeda, I have very high hopes for it. The titular character is a trans man and it seems to mostly be about his exploration of gender and sexuality.

Claudine is licensed in the US by Seven Seas

I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up

This yuri manga seems to follow your typical fake marriage romance. It doesn’t come out until June 11th, but I’m so hyped!

Licensed by Seven Seas

Kiss Him, Not Me!

Kiss Him, Not Me is a reverse harem, but one of the characters after our heroine’s heart happens to be a girl. I haven’t read the manga in quite a while, but despite some problematic elements, it’s a fun watch.

The anime is licensed by Funimation and also available to stream on Crunchyroll

The manga is licensed by Kodansha

Love Tangle

Love Tangle is an otome game that has 2 female love interests (and I think it’s safe to say just about every character is bi+). It’s not for everyone, but I’ve certainly had lots of fun playing the game.

That’s all the ones I have the energy to list right now, but maybe I’ll do a part 2 someday. Leave your faves in the comments, if you’d like.

Why Kei Soejima is So Important to Me

Warning: There will be spoilers and discussion of spiritual abuse

As someone who is a victim of spiritual abuse, talking about my issues is so hard to do because so many people try to justify what you’ve been through, respond that the people who put you in the toxic mindset/harmed you just weren’t “true ___”, or assert that it was just the wrong religion and that joining their religion would make everything perfect. Due to the fears of many of us to speak up about it and the lack of understanding and insensitivities, seeing these issues see the light of day is very rare if you’re not looking for it.

To learn more I would recommend looking up Steven Hassan’s BITE Model and Religious Trauma Syndrome

I had been excited for Kei since I first saw him and when I discovered he was into BDSM I got even more excited, as I am extremely interested in it (I do not yet practice, but I do a lot of research and such for when I begin), though I was worried about how it would be portrayed, and honestly I have quite mixed feelings. The writers certainly put emphasis on the importance of consent, which is often a major issue, but they also made some bad mistakes quite know how to express at the moment.

But he was more than just a pretty face and a kinky man. He was also a victim of spiritual abuse, and though what he went through in the name God, was far, far worse than what I ever did, seeing something that I suffer from that is rarely acknowledged to exist, and often makes me feel lonely, be portrayed, made me love a character I like even more. 

I have never related to a character so much. I have never felt so compatible with a 2D character (or an actual person for that matter. uffda.) I have never read a fictional story that has hit as close to home as this one has. 

This was a repost of a tumblr post I made when his route was first released. Now, for screenshots of my favorite moment in Lovers Obscura

January: Cold: Iori Enjo (Scandal in the Spotlight) Review

Content Warning for route: sexual coercion and slut shaming

Basic premise of SITS: Aspiring screenwriter acts as ghost writer (and assistant manager) for REVANCE, Japan’s most popular boy band, in lyricist’s absence.

Meeting Iori

Iori is first introduced in his public persona, Prince Iori, and as the son of the president of an advertising agency.

After meeting him in private (along with the rest of REVANCE) when asking our heroine to take over writing lyrics for the band, you get to see a bit of his true self, much more cold and sadistic.

I love the Sadistic Prince type, and I enjoyed his character when I first played the game so I was excited to play his route. Did he live up to my expectations?

Main Conflicts

The main conflict in Iori’s route are separated into the following: Iori’s relationship with his father, the heroine writing her song (with help from Iori), and Iori’s distrust of women.

Iori and His Father

Iori’s relationship with his father, for me, was the most intriguing aspect of this route other than the relationship development between Iori and MC. His father wants him to marry a girl that he sees fit, take over the family company, and leave REVANCE.

Iori, of course, is not fond of this. Who would want their life to be controlled by their father?

Writing the Lyrics

MC is tasked to write the lyrics to the theme song to a show that is to be performed by REVANCE, with help from Iori. Writing the lyrics is where a large amount of relationship development between the two of them is made.

To write the lyrics, they go to stay at Iori’s vacation home, with his caretaker Matsunaga, who perhaps understands Iori better than anyone. Seeing him in the place he is most comfortable, the Heroine begins to see his True True self and he begins to let himself be a bit more vulnerable around her.

But they didn’t quite finish before having to go back. Later on, we get my favorite scene in the route where they quickly write the lyrics, communicating through them.

Iori’s Distrust of Women

This is a rather typical plot, though I admit I didn’t understand it well during my first playthrough. He distrusts women because his parents got divorced when he was young and he saw his father get manipulated by many gold diggers throughout his life. I’ve seen this several times. There is, however, something (a spoiler) that makes this a bit more interesting and stand out a little bit.

Rating: 8.5/10